Return forms as soon  you can, we want to pay you for your hard work! (ALL forms are suggested to be sent each night)

You can now email forms to us nightly and receive an  instant receipt!

Phone interpreters, Please remember to call back with times for your calls. Take patient name, start time and end time along with the client.—This way, you can make sure that we can pay you for all your hard work!

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Get both signatures start and end times on forms !



For appointments lasting  more then 8 hours please contact us to so we can give you the proper instructions 

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 Client Changes!

Reptrax and you: Starting at the beginning of the new year, many clients will require you to login to a system called Reptrax- before entering their locations. This is a fairly new development and is part of a new compliance system being adopted by many hospitals and clinics. We have created accounts for you; and will distribute Usernames and Passwords shortly via Email.

OHSU:  Any Medical appointment at OHSU (including Care Oregon) requires that you get permission to stay on for more than the  original scheduled time. Before your appointment begins, please tell this to the provider, and ask if they think it will take more than the allotted time. Call Passport to get approval  immediately afterward or we can’t charge  OHSU for it. We want to pay you for your hard work! Do not interrupt the appointment to get approval, rather just ask immediately after it has ended, and it will be approved. OHSU will verify with the clinics the length of the appointment after the fact.

OHSU Food Nurtition. We are starting to get calls for food ordering from OHSU, we are excited to have the new opportunity and may be calling you soon for these short calls.

Forms Security. Losing forms is not an option. These contain HIPAA sensitive information and can cause quite an issue. Always keep them on you or locked in your home until transmission to Passport To Languages 

Interpreter Newsletter

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Issue 4,          12/14/2012

Please remember our forms policy.  Many of our clients are now requesting weekly invoices, so please try to get them in every night if possible.  Thank you for your willingness to comply, and let us know how we can help you to get your forms in on a daily basis.

WEBSITE FOR INTERPRETERS! We are currently in the process of developing an interpreter based website. Soon you will be able to check your schedule, see past paid jobs, pull up check information, and much more! Including news updates, and training materials to help you be the best.  We will be emailing user names and passwords to everyone after its completion.

Continuing Education: We have expanded the interpreter resources section on  Please check out the classes that will be available  from  Western Oregon University. These will start in January!

Interpreter Updates & Education!

Thank you all for another wonderful year!

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